Saturday, August 10, 2013

Who am I and why am I Ruthless?

I wasn't always Ruthless. When I first started gaming, I used my "real" name and as a female, I found that guys did not want to play with me. They had certain expectations about my ability based on my sex. And worse yet, when they found out I was a mom...and I could beat the snot out of them...horror!  This is an actual quote: " just got beat by a MOM!"
No one would play me. 
So I came up with a new gamer tag that didn't reveal my gender and also sounded a bit intimidating. Viola! Plenty of games to be had.  I had to be careful about not saying anything "mom" like and pepper in plenty of expletives and "dudes" but at least I got games..until VOIP gaming took off.  
When I started playing Sims 2, I kept the name so I would remember it and it stuck. Over time, I became a part of the wonderfully friendly Sims community and it was ok for me to be a mom and a chick.  But I was still Ruthless...or Ruthy...and I didnt want to give that up.
If you know me at all, you know I am not actually ruthless...but for all intents and purposes, I am always going to be Ruthless. Or just plain Ruth. 


  1. I love that! :) Your blog looks great too!

  2. I always thought Ruth was your name! HAHA Shows how much I know! Your blog does look great!

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