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Should You Get The Sims 4 Get Together?

I was recently lucky enough to be invited to an event sponsored by EA to preview the newest EP, Get Together, which comes out in December. As a builder, I tend to focus on the stuff I can build with and the world.  There was SO much to see!  And, even though I honestly wasnt too exicted initially about the forming clubs concept, once I got into it and saw how in-depth the system goes, I was pretty intrigued by the possibilities.

So...for you "cut to the chase" types, here are my impressions in a nut shell
  • large expansive world with a tons of interesting places to explore
  • the world is pretty full/occupied. Only a couple of empty lots.
  • plenty of new detailed build objects to get the medieval look
  • its not all Tudor style-some great modern locations and sleek objects in build buy
  • not as many new walls/floors as I would like
  • natural pools are regular pools with a rock edge.  But you can add plants and steam or bubbles, as well as choose the look of the water.
  • stylish new clothing options
  • great new hairstyles-not a stinker in the bunch
  • not much new for the kids in CAS
  • club system allows you to fully customize the club-traits, activities, what they wear, where they meet, and who they hate are just a few of the options.
  • your club can earn a huge variety of rewards like a special handshake, a boost to skills, or a snazzy club jacket
  • clubs are a great way to find new  friends or a romantic interest for your sims and make them more connected in the community.
  • a fantastic tool for storytellers and the machinima community. 
Bottom line: is this EP worth buying?  To me, definitely! Regardless of how you play, this game will enhance your experience with The Sims 4.

Want to see more?  

The World of Windenburg

"There goes the baker with his tray like always..."

I dare you to not start humming something..anything...from Beauty and the Beast when you look at Wittenburg.  Its impossible.  The architecture definitely has a quaint, story book feel to it.  I was recently lucky enough to attend an event sponsored by EA to promote the newest EP, Get Together.  My favorite aspect of the game is the new world of Wittenburg, hands down the best world to date.

Levels!  Once you stop looking at the cute chessboard park, you might notice the fact that this world is far from flat.  There are many different levels and ramps connecting areas that add visual variety.  Unfortunately, this does not mean we can do this on the lots.  As of right now, there are still no terrain tools in the game.  All of these split level or multi-level areas are found in the "world" and not on editable lots.  

Dont forget to explore the historical VonHaunt estate with its a-maze-ing gardens and mysterious past!

And while a large portion of the "old town" area is distinctively medieval or Tudor in feel, this world isnt stuck in the past at all.

There are many modern locations and a dramatic beachfront business area with a sleek stylish vibe that reminds me of The Sims 3 Into the Future.

Did you notice how the background seems to go on forever?  They did an amazing job of making this world feel truly vast and connected.  Even though the area your sim can move around in at any given time is limited, your views are not.  It makes it feel like the possibilities are endless.

There are cozy Tudor homes, coastal lots, an isolated island gathering spot called "The Bluffs" and some ancient ruins set up to be an awesome party spot, as well as a bustling cafe, not nightclubs, a sleek modern swimming venue, a old fashioned pub and so much more!

Truly this is just a tiny sliver of the expansive world of Wittenburg....there is a ton to see and explore.  I can imagine all sorts of interesting stories taking place in this beautiful location.  What will your Wittenburg story be?

(I built this little cottage in game.  look for it in the Gallery once the game comes out!)

**EA sponsored the preview event and allowed me early access to the game.**

Show me the Stuff! Build/Buy Objects in Get Together

I was recently invited to a preview event sponsored by EA for the latest installment in The Sims 4 franchise, Get Together, which comes out in December.  The focus of the game is social interactions and clubs, but if you like to build at all, chances are you want to see all of the new objects and textures that come with the pack. Maybe a bunch of screen shots like this?

Unfortunately, there was so much to check out that I didn't do that.  I was having too much fun trying out all of the objects and seeing how everything worked together to stop and take a picture of every object.  So be aware that these screens are just a small sampling of what comes with the new pack.  There is actually so much more to see than what I can show you.

So let's dive in and see some of the stuff that comes with Get Together!

They have made it super easy to create your own tiny Tudor or magnificent Medieval with a ton of new build buy objects.

(this is a house I made and will load to the Gallery once the game comes out)

The half timbered wall textures come in a large variety of styles allowing you to mix and match to get the look you want:

These textures are so rich and hand-painted looking.  They really bring to mind a Disney like aesthetic.

We have a bunch of awnings, windows, chimneys and other architectural elements that add depth and dimension to your build.  Are you one of those "my houses always look like a box" builders?  Not anymore.  There are plenty of bits and pieces you can add on to give you home flair.

There are a bunch of cool roof ornaments and some new chimneys, as well as a little dormer window object that I adore.  Often times making a dormer with even the shortest wall height makes them look out of proportion to the roof.  These little gems really fix that problem.

Check out the details on those windows!  Aren't they fantastic?

Did you notice that lovely stone foundation texture?

Several new terrain paints

There are disappointingly few new interior walls.  This tile mosaic and the wood slats are about it.  No new painted walls, no new wallpapers, no new paneling.  This continues to be a weak spot in the build buy catalog.  I would really like to see the team do a better job of supplying us with a bunch of new walls and floors with every offering.

There is not much in the way of new floor tiles either. There is a dark gray stone and then the mosaic to match the walls.

I was pleased to see the mosaic has a solid design AND patterned design.  We need more of this kind of thinking.  Any time the team can give us  a basic solid to go along with the patterns, it offers more options for creativity and flexibility.  I would love to have seen a solid plaster wall that matches the half timbered walls, for instance, or a solid field stone wall without the baseboards.  

There are a bunch of new styled rooms available in Get Together.  I took shots of all of them as they really give you a good idea of how the objects look being used.

A disappointment for me is no new beds. I would have loved to see a rustic style kitchen cabinet as well...but there are no kitchen items in this pack.

Most of the rooms come in a few different color ways.

A close up of the clever details on the cafe objects,

You might have noticed that there are are modern objects in the build catalog.  There are several contemporary/modern style objects in this pack that lend themselves to creating a hot, edgy club or a sleek funky hang out.

There are several styles of DJ booths and dance can create a back room industrial hole in the wall kind of club or a cool futuristic place.  The choice is yours!

Wall decor includes some neat transparent wall patterns that look like graffiti and a bunch of new posters.

A word about the new "natural" pools.  They are basically regular pools with stone edging.  You draw them just as you do regular pools.  The difference is that there are several new features such as bubbles and steam you can add to your pool, as well as some cool water effects and plants that can be placed directly in the water. There is also a fun new diving platform that offers your sims a chance to try 4 different dives.  But be careful! One simmie lost their bathing suit after a bad dive.

There are a bunch of large scale pillars, stone chunks and sculptures that can be used for a variety of builds.

Once again, I really wish I had more screen shots to show you...there are some skylight objects, a green house frame, the various water effects( one looks like petals floating in the water!) and some really cool modern sculptures that I was so busy enjoying I just forgot to snap pictures.

Overall, despite a few short comings, I was thoroughly delighted by the objects that come with the Get Together expansion pack.  I truly feel like they will give me a lot to work with as a builder and as a player.

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