Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day one of Simscamp:like a rock star!

Where to start? How about the EA press conference sine I just got back from that....and my ears are still ringing! That thing was loud! The bass was rumbling in our chests and with the smoke and lights, it felt like being at a rock concert. And we were VIPs too. We got to go I ahead of everyone else, sit in our reserved seats before the crowd, and when it was over there was transportation waiting for us at the front door.

I thought the Sims 4 clip looked fun and perhaps like the Sims have reclaimed the sense of humor we all love about the franchise. I heard from some simmers during the broadcast via tweet that the build system is still worrisome. I get that...as a builder myself I am wondering the most about build buy too.  But I feel like I can't freak out given that so little is known at this time. So I am reserving judgement until I get actual hands on time and I know what we are dealing with. No sense in getting worked up until I know what exactly I am getting worked up about.

Simmers are such a fun bunch to hang out with, by the way. We all share a common interest and it has been so fun to finally meet on line friends I have known for years. What a treat and I am so humbled to be included. Here I am with Sara de Moor of the DNA request team at the press conference....we had a blast!

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