Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New Screenies of Roaring Heights

And woo-hoo too!

Roaring Heights will be available tomorrow!

Interactive Map of Roaring Heights

The fun new store World hits tomorrow!  If you are wondering what it is REALLY like, Daniel Reutter of the German fan site "Simfans" has put together a cool interactive map of the town.

Click on any of the symbols to see what the town looks like...houses, lots, rabbitholes...everything!

Give it a look-see HERE

Friday, December 6, 2013

New lot to share: Mountain View Lodge

This cozy mountain lodge is the perfect winter get-away for your sims!

Lot features:
4 bedrooms
4 baths
open concept great room
kid's play room
fishing pond
wrap around decks

40x40 lot
a few decorative store items

Download from the Exchange HERE

Download from Mediafire Here

Roaring Heights Trailer!

The new game play trailer for Roaring Heights, the store world that will be released next week, is here!  Check out the glam Art Deco details, the boardwalk venue, and vintage car woo-hoo HERE

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