Saturday, August 24, 2013

Into the Future Build Buy Items!

Loved my hands on with Into the Future!  Confession time: modern stuff (if you know me at all this is no surprise) is not my bag, baby.  So I wasnt sure how I would feel about this one.  But I saw so many cool objects alone that I am actually more inspired to build some modern futuristic stuff.  And the robots!  LOVE the robots...cant wait to have the one that will take care of your garden for you.  Every sim I have will be making one of  Another cool feature that stood out to me as a builder was the plants section.  There is a holographic plant that you can change the style of plant it is with 4 choices, as well as change the color of the light.  And several outdoor plants are now able to be placed inside with no cheat...perfect for making a terrarium. Anyway...enough talk.  Let's get to the pictures!

Did you catch the book cases?!? Those are not stacked..they come that way. You can make the most amazing Beauty and the Beast style library with those things.

That funky egg looking thing is the robot making station.  The object with the screen on the left is a holographic easel.

Some pretty sculptural windows and doors

These are the new collectible: crystals.  They grow in plant form and there are several varieties that do different things.  You can grow them, eat them, throw that at other sims for interesting effects.

How is that for a planter?  

This is not everything....I seem to be missing the kitchen stuff and some other things as well...we ran out of time for the hands on and I think I forgot to copy those into my folder.  Sorry about that.  I am sure another simmer must have grabbed them though...and at least you have a good taste of what to expect with this new expansion pack.  


  1. Looks awesome! Can't wait! I just might have to try my hand at a futuristic home with it!


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