Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Creekside Cabin

This lot requires the new Sims 4 Game pack, Outdoor Retreat.  It can be used as a vacation home or placed anywhere in Sim world as a permanent home....although it might look a bit odd in Oasis Springs.

The cabin has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a nice side porch, and plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to keep your sims entertained.

20x30 lot
$434/day as a vacation rental

Find it in the Sims 4 Gallery under user name ruthless_kk.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Review:The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Build Mode stuff

Lots to see in the Build section of the catalog...some nicely detailed clutter items, plenty of chunky wood and plaid. There are a few missed opportunities...but overall, plenty for builders to work with.

Let's dive in and check it all out!

5 new terrain paints.  The grasses have a soft natural look that is not a solid, flat green.

A very nice selection of trees..I appreciate that there is a good variety.


Love these flowers but I was extremely disappointed to find there are no alternate color options for any of them.

A very chunky/rustic column that could also work well in Spanish/desert themed builds.

There are not many new walls or floors...the few there are have an all wood look.  I was hoping for some plaid wallpaper or a forest animal print for the kids rooms...something.

Huge mistake here.  The new stone foundation is absolutely lovely.  So why, then, is there not a matching wall texture?  It does not make sense to me.  There needs to be a matching wall.

A couple of examples of the "styled rooms"...including a very nice outdoor camping set up.

As you can see, there is plenty of new stuff that comes with Outdoor Retreat!

( side note: I adore the way new things in the build catalog are easily found and identified with the gold highlight.  I have wanted something like that for handy! )

No new overhead lights, but some really charming floor and table lamps.

A variety of seating options including a rock and a stump. The folding chairs will work nicely pool-side.

The beds come with very limited color schemes, 4 different color choices each and the colors are limited to bright/primary shades.

More picnic tables than you will ever need!  The accent tables are interesting and the rock/stone slabs will lend themselves well to a funky modern design. There are no new kitchen counters or appliances.

The plumbing section contains 2 new sinks and showers.  No new toilets or tubs.

Clutter!!!  Love this so much...little details like this give a build personality.  

These are objects from skill building ( the guitar and game table) and then Decorative objects.  In this section we find another HUGE missed opportunity.  No new fireplace.  Really?!?  This pack is the perfect chance to do a rustic river rock would fit perfectly with the theme and yet...nothing.  Worse yet, all of the standard fireplace options will look pretty silly in a rustic cabin setting.  FAIL.

I was also disappointed there was not a plaid or large Native print rug.  Either one would have gone so beautifully with the theme.

Finally, there is a horseshoe pit, a couple of tents, some coolers, and two different fire pits.  Oh, and a nice chunky wood dresser to go with the chunky wooden beds.  No new book cases, because...Outdoors.  Stop reading and get outside already.

 While there are a ton of new objects, many of them are clearly geared to a certain look and do not lend themselves to multiple styles/usage.  Regardless, this seems like a lot of "stuff" for a stuff Pack. Is it worth it?  That is going to be up to you and your interests. Between the new objects AND all of the new hair/clothing options AND the new location AND all of the new game play interactions, I would say yes.

Outdoor Retreat Game Pack Stuff :Create a Sim

The new Game pack for The Sims 4 dropped today and I am taking pictures of EVERYTHING so you can check it out and decide for yourself if it is something you are interested in.

First up are the CAS objects. There are some really nice new hairstyles for the women:

I love the natural way the ponytail hangs, as opposed to sticking straight out of the back of the head.

The guys get a couple of new hairstyles.. including a much needed longer style

I didn't see any new styles for the boys, but the girls have a couple of new styles that look quite cute!

Here are all of the clothing you can see, there are a ton of shorts ( cause we don't have enough of those already?!?) and outdoorsy things.  The children's stuff is pretty much unisex ( with the exception of the flower necked shirt above and a flowered tank top) so I didn't take pix of the boys stuff.

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