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This mega tutorial covers every detail of using build guide including tons of tips and tricks

Shortcuts to make finding the things you need faster 

Use Pillars and Spandrels to make your own doorway....great when you want an opening larger than 2 units.

How to access and use all of the hidden items not shown in the Build Catalog

Tips and tricks to help navigating the Gallery a little easier


  1. I can not seem to get spandrels to attach to pillars, they want to attach only to walls it seems. Do I need to put pillars in walls and then delete the walls after attaching? The hose decorating has been posing me endless grief and no one seems to reply with comments on the Sims Forums. (I need a "Sims For Dummies". I did not even know where spandrels were to be found until seeing one of your posts! I think people do not realize how difficult it is for Newbies who just graduated to 4 straight from 1. Much has changed in between. Thanks for any help. (I am also not understand the REALLY HUGE friezes, they make no sense to me! I can be found on the Sims Forums as FoundMarbles. I am loving your Blog!


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