Monday, November 23, 2015

The World of Windenburg

"There goes the baker with his tray like always..."

I dare you to not start humming something..anything...from Beauty and the Beast when you look at Wittenburg.  Its impossible.  The architecture definitely has a quaint, story book feel to it.  I was recently lucky enough to attend an event sponsored by EA to promote the newest EP, Get Together.  My favorite aspect of the game is the new world of Wittenburg, hands down the best world to date.

Levels!  Once you stop looking at the cute chessboard park, you might notice the fact that this world is far from flat.  There are many different levels and ramps connecting areas that add visual variety.  Unfortunately, this does not mean we can do this on the lots.  As of right now, there are still no terrain tools in the game.  All of these split level or multi-level areas are found in the "world" and not on editable lots.  

Dont forget to explore the historical VonHaunt estate with its a-maze-ing gardens and mysterious past!

And while a large portion of the "old town" area is distinctively medieval or Tudor in feel, this world isnt stuck in the past at all.

There are many modern locations and a dramatic beachfront business area with a sleek stylish vibe that reminds me of The Sims 3 Into the Future.

Did you notice how the background seems to go on forever?  They did an amazing job of making this world feel truly vast and connected.  Even though the area your sim can move around in at any given time is limited, your views are not.  It makes it feel like the possibilities are endless.

There are cozy Tudor homes, coastal lots, an isolated island gathering spot called "The Bluffs" and some ancient ruins set up to be an awesome party spot, as well as a bustling cafe, not nightclubs, a sleek modern swimming venue, a old fashioned pub and so much more!

Truly this is just a tiny sliver of the expansive world of Wittenburg....there is a ton to see and explore.  I can imagine all sorts of interesting stories taking place in this beautiful location.  What will your Wittenburg story be?

(I built this little cottage in game.  look for it in the Gallery once the game comes out!)

**EA sponsored the preview event and allowed me early access to the game.**


  1. Looks beautiful i already a while ago bought it in origin have to wait until 10 December to play but thank you Ruthie !

  2. TY Ruth .. cannot wait. I have heard there is provincial sector as well .. I am going to be so happy on my farm!!

  3. TY Ruth .. cannot wait. I have heard there is provincial sector as well .. I am going to be so happy on my farm!!

  4. Oh wow, thanks for all those pics Ruth and your descriptions make me even more excited for the release of this expansion. It does seem like the world never ends and is enourmous, I love it, think it will be my most favourite world. Happy simming :)

  5. Is it Wittenburg or windenburg ?

    1. I'm fairly certain it's Windenburg. That's how it's written on the Sims official Twitter.

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