Monday, November 23, 2015

Should You Get The Sims 4 Get Together?

I was recently lucky enough to be invited to an event sponsored by EA to preview the newest EP, Get Together, which comes out in December. As a builder, I tend to focus on the stuff I can build with and the world.  There was SO much to see!  And, even though I honestly wasnt too exicted initially about the forming clubs concept, once I got into it and saw how in-depth the system goes, I was pretty intrigued by the possibilities.

So...for you "cut to the chase" types, here are my impressions in a nut shell
  • large expansive world with a tons of interesting places to explore
  • the world is pretty full/occupied. Only a couple of empty lots.
  • plenty of new detailed build objects to get the medieval look
  • its not all Tudor style-some great modern locations and sleek objects in build buy
  • not as many new walls/floors as I would like
  • natural pools are regular pools with a rock edge.  But you can add plants and steam or bubbles, as well as choose the look of the water.
  • stylish new clothing options
  • great new hairstyles-not a stinker in the bunch
  • not much new for the kids in CAS
  • club system allows you to fully customize the club-traits, activities, what they wear, where they meet, and who they hate are just a few of the options.
  • your club can earn a huge variety of rewards like a special handshake, a boost to skills, or a snazzy club jacket
  • clubs are a great way to find new  friends or a romantic interest for your sims and make them more connected in the community.
  • a fantastic tool for storytellers and the machinima community. 
Bottom line: is this EP worth buying?  To me, definitely! Regardless of how you play, this game will enhance your experience with The Sims 4.

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  1. Thanks for all your hard work in compiling all these aspects for us. I can't wait till it releases, so excited, I do however wish we get some more floors and walls soon, especially some carpet floor tiles, with more colour options. Happy simming Ruth :)

  2. Thanks for in depth review. I love all the build/buy mode objects and the world just looks awesome. I was already sold when I saw that helmet sims can wear, lol. But this just put the cherry on top!

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