Monday, June 2, 2014

Wyndley Manor: an old English estate

Last weekend I was watching Skyfall ( love me some Daniel Craig!) and drooling over the house.  What a sin to blow that thing up...even if it is just a bunch of special effects.  Thought about building Skyfall, but after looking at a few stills, determined that it wouldn't make a very good build.  

So then I was off to google things like Scottish castles....English houses....Manor House....and saw a bunch of cool things but nothing that caught my fancy in particular.  Still liking the idea of an old manor house, with a secret passage way and a chapel ( of course!) I decided to wing it and just see what I could come up with.  The result is a sprawling old English manor house ( name supplied by WibbleLikeAJelly) that I hope gives the feel of a traditional estate.

Wyndley Manor includes:

7 bedrooms (2 master suites)
6 bathrooms
Music Room
Large Feasting Hall
Game Room
Alchemy work room in the tower
Wine Cellar
Sculptors/Inventors studio
Chapel with secret passageway back to the house
small family graveyard
Vegetable Garden
Flower Garden
Fishing Pond

60x60 lot


  1. Very very beautiful creation Ruth my dear. Gave you a well deserved Rec'd.

  2. Wow! Fantastic! It will make a great home for my eccentric artist sim! Great job! You really outdone yourself this time!

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