Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Send your Sims to Summer Camp at Camp Plumbob!

Summertime to me means summer camp...swimming, mosquitoes, crafts, mosquitoes, nature walks and...oh yeah...mosquitoes.  I would come back looking like I had the chicken pox from so many mosquito bites, but it was still a blast.

Camp Plumbob has everything your simmies need for the whole summer cap experience...except for the bugs.  The heavily wooded camp includes:

Tons of tents for sleeping under the stars
Large mess hall/recreation room
showers/restroom facilities
boathouse and pier
Fishing, swimming, inventing, painting, soccer, and more

$48k on 64x64 community lot.


  1. Thank for sharing it. I have a world for camping and this lot it´s going to look amazing on my world. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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