Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A closer look at the Sims 4 build trailer

The new build trailer is out for Sims 4!  You can watch it here:

There is a lot of info packed into that quick little trailer and it goes by fast, so let's take a closer look.  

  • The very first thing to notice is the little disclaimer saying that not everything in the video represents actual game play.  Good to know.  Things are still changing and some of the things we are looking at might not be like the finished product. 
  • They have taken some of the biggest build frustrations and found ways to solve them.  Built the house in the wrong spot on the lot?  No problem..just pick the whole things up and move it.  no more starting over..just move it. Love that!  
  • Want to have a foundation after all?  Decide you don't want one at all?  It is not too late.  The foundation can be added or reduced at any point in the process, eliminating yet another hair pulling frustration.  Here is a quick screen grab of some of the foundation patterns available: 

Speaking of those foundation patterns...they lead to a touchy subject indeed: Create-a-Style or the lack thereof.  It definitely looks like Create a Style did not make it into the game.  Here is another screen grab showing the different pre-designed rooms you can select:

I have no idea if this is the final line up or if more styles are going to be included in the base game, but one thing caught my eye.  Notice the color swatches?  I think that makes it pretty clear that we can expect preset colors and no Create-a-Style.  I wont lie, this is disappointing.  With the recent information about The Sims 4 supporting modding and custom content, I can only hope this means that creating your own color set for these rooms will somehow be possible.  A suggestion to whichever Sims 4 producer is in charge of selecting the presets: there should always be a white and a black version of all items if you want to give players the most flexibility to get the look they want. 

I am keeping an open mind about this aspect of the game.  There are so many new features that I am excited about...that I know will make building more fun and less stressful...that I am hoping it makes up for the lack of Create-a-Style.

Things like...the roofing system.  Wow!  Being able to push and pull a roof into the shape you want...that is huge.  Everyone...from beginner builders to the most experienced creators...has a hard time getting the look they want with the existing roofing system in The Sims 3.  The Sims 4 promises to be a real jump forward that I cannot wait to get my hands on.  Here is a screen grab of the patterns available:

That is quite a few selections for the base game.

The new build system is based on a "block" concept...with various shaped rooms or sections you can combine to get any look you want.  

I am very curious to see how all of these building blocks looks like some have interesting curves.  The best part is once you place them, you can still push and pull them into any desired shape.  You can also "draw" walls free hand, just as we do now.  Combine this with the ability to add the foundation after the fact, I think we will find that getting the shape we want will be so much faster and easier.

Here are a few more screen grabs of some of the menu items that caught my those windows!

Overall, I found a lot to be excited about.  While only actual hand on time with the game will say for sure, I can honestly say that I am impatiently looking forward to building in The Sims 4.  Bring it on!


  1. I really never used CAS that much anyways but I like how building a house will be easier for those of us who are not great builders, which is why I let others build and I download their houses from the Sims 3 exchange. Not as good as you, Ruth!

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  3. Here is Fredbrenny talking as Gary Baldwin ... LOL.... Can't seem to find my own log in.
    Thanks for the great review. I absolutely agree with you (that since they are going to take our CASTing tool away) that at least they should have a black & white palette version. I for one, being a builder, am really disappointed that they have simplified the building for sims 4. Taking away the casting and I also think ... the CFE tool ... will take away a lot of the challenges a builder has and feels excited about. Can't see the creative aspect for me here right away... but I will see for myself and complain later :)

  4. Ruthy my dear it all looks so amazing. I was cautioned at first about the pre-order because of the CASt not being added, but the other day I got to thinking hard about what I would like to do if I got it and for me I kept coming back to building. I really really want to try the building part of the game, I already have a lot I Googled when they first mentioned the build part of the game, and I really want to try an build it,and the Create A Sim. I fell in love with from the very start.So I ran out to my favorite game spot and put it on pre-order. Now i'm waiting and getting very excited about the release date.

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