Friday, January 31, 2014

Darkwood Manor

So this happened on twitter:

The house in question was this one...a wonderfully grungy haunted mansion.  Who could resist?  Not me!

My version includes:

6 bedrooms
4 baths
formal dining
billiards room
carriage house
fishing pond with death fish
$247K on 50x50 lot

a few decorative store items 
Note: this lot was built in Midnight Hollow 


  1. It looks so awesome Ruthy bravo !!!! And thankyou !

  2. Hiya Ruth, Its really good but I did have one problem. They were all going to the green house so I reset the front door. The paper girl however is still going to the greenhouse


  3. Oh, my- have I told you lately that I love you? Goodness- this house is just.... \o/
    I am definitely using it when my generational family moves to MH. Perfect! As always, thank you for building and sharing- you are my "go o" gal for houses! <3

  4. Amazing! Congrats on the feature!

  5. Thank you for the beautiful houses, and the links to the Exchange that will make downloading them much easier. Very impressive! Thanks again. By the way do you think you might be able to find time to create any more houses for #3?

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