Monday, August 26, 2013

Movie Stuff...what will easily be my favorite stuff pack!

Yeah...I know. But come on!  Who doesn't want a little Rocky Horror in their Sims game?   

All kidding aside, this is easily my favorite Stuff pack.  I don't usually get the stuff packs because I cant find them I really want to justify the purchase.  But this one?  Oh yeah!  It is FUN.
The CAS items are a combo of superhero/villain outfits, western wear...the ladies get to look like saloon girls...and some Gothic/horror/gypsy style items.  I adore the idea of my evil sim stomping around town in one of these funky outfits....and heck, any quirky sim might just THINK they are a superhero.  The horror themed things go well with the Supernatural EP...and the Western stuff can fit in well with the town that came with Pets.  So right away, I can see some versatility...and many ways to use these assets,
Here are a few of the many outfits you will have to play with:

That same versatility can be seen in the objects themselves.  Yes, there is stuff to build a superhero/evil villain lair...but I can easily see using those things with the upcoming Into the Future stuff pack, or in Bridgeport with a modern vibe. Perhaps you have a sim who fancies themselves an international spy?  These things will come in handy. The Western things can be recolored to take on an almost Victorian feel.  And of course the horror stuff will be right at home in any Supernatural neighborhood.  Your witches will love having new decor and many of these things feel right at home in an alchemy lab.  Here are screenies of all the goodies, provided by my dear friend Maria. ( my screenshots did not make it on to the flash drive for some reason :( )

I think you can see from these that there are some unique, fun items in this stuff pack that will add humor and a sense of adventure to your game. Did you notice the all in one shower that looks like a phone booth?  I appreciate the details on these objects and I cant wait to get them into my game because I can see tons of different ways to use them in a variety of situations.  That flexibility...and fun...are what make a good stuff pack, in my opinion.  And for me, this is a must-have.

Heck, I think I would get it for this helmet!


  1. Rocky Horror!! SQUEEE!!! :D
    You just sold it to me, Ruthy!


    I think i know what Valen is dressing as for Halloween *giggles*

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