Monday, September 1, 2014

Kids Stuff! The Sims 4 CAS

I was lucky enough to get early access to The Sims 4 and almost 2 hours later I am still stuck in Create a Sim checking out all of the new items.  The kids stuff is SO CUTE!  Seriously.  Very detailed and with a ton of personality.  I also appreciate that they gave boys pink options for clothing and gave girls some more traditionally masculine looks so they are not stuck to rigid ideas of what is "girl" and what is "boy" clothing.

Here are the stats:

Girls get 27 different tops:

14 different bottoms

8 different full body outfits/dresses

10 different shoes

The boys get a slightly smaller collection to work with....

21 tops

Move over, Izod alligator....

8 bottoms

2 outfits

the hot dog outfit is part of the bonus pack stuff

10 shoe styles

Kids hats:

Kids Hair



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