Monday, September 1, 2014

Its all in the genes: The Sims 4 genetics system

The new genetics system in The Sims 4 will enable our sims to have children that truly look like a blend of both parents.  It also allows you to create realistic siblings and parents as well.  I love the way they have refined the program to give us realistic results!

For instance, in the past if there was a dark skinned parent and a light skinned parent, the children would often come out either with the dark skin or the light skin tone.  Now there is a true blending of the genes.

This boy has a skin tone that is a true mix of both parents.

This doesn't work with the non-human skin tones like blue and green.  You can expect your sim to get the skin tone of one or the other of his parents. 

Did you notice how the game seems to balance it out, though?  

 Take a look at how the features blend with this family.

Son overall favors the father, but he has his moms coloring.  Daughter looks a little more like mom but with dads coloring and both of the children have a skin tone that is neither is a combination of both.

And what would Grandma ( the father's mother) look like?  

When you select the option to make a parent or a sibling of your sim, it appears the game takes half of the traits from your sim and adds in half random traits.  You definitely see similar looks but enough difference that it feels natural. In the above example, the father clearly got his moms eye color...but the eye shape must have come from dad.

Here is a sim.  I wanted to see what the game would produce for her as a sister.

And here she is.  Enough of a resemblance that you can tell they are related....but not an exact copy by any means.  Sister has her own lips and her own chin ( thank goodness!)

What would her children look like?  Let's find out! Here are the parents:

If we use this guy as the father,  we discover something interesting.  The game does not allow children to have the "not occurring in nature" hair it will either pick the other parents color or assign a color that is presumed to be what mom had before she got all funky with the hair dye.

And here are the kids!

I tried many many combinations and I was truly pleased with the results.  I feel very confident that watching our sims reproduce over time in a legacy type situation will be very entertaining and more realistic than ever before.


  1. Very useful information, Ruth. Thank you.

  2. Good to know. I haven't had anything to do with kids yet. One question, if you noticed it. How was the recessive genitcs effected? For examble; if grandma has red hair and mom and dad have blond hair, did any combination of the kid have red hair? I hope that made sense.

  3. is this some kind of sarcastic april fools joke or something? are you mental?


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