Thursday, August 7, 2014

New Store Set: Is it really Amore?

The final store set dropped today and at first look it seems like they saved the best for last.  The Last Venue of Amore is a dramatic Venetian style community lot that features a clever gondola ride and some truly lovely build items. It requires an empty 64x64 lot to place it.  

Trying to decide if this purchase is worth it?  Here are the details and plenty of pictures you need to help you decide....unless of course you are one of those compulsive content collectors ( you know who you are!) in which case you probably already own the lot.

PRO: This set includes some truly fantastic, detailed build items...several windows, arches, and statues.  There are not a lot of parts in this set, but what is included is beautiful and interesting.

Love the large arched window with ivy surround!  

PRO:The dramatic round rose window included in this set is perfect for any chapel, castle, or church build.

There are charming little views around every corner

PRO: there are several "grungy" and worn wall textures with this set that could be useful for a ton of different builds and looks.

CON: the spec map on some of the wall sections is set too high...resulting in a "grungy" worn wall that is way too shiny and reflective, as demonstrated below:

PRO: the venue itself is a delight to look at...extremely picturesque! It would be lovely for stories and "photo shoots"

CON: aside from the gondola ride, there isn't much to actually DO on the lot.  There is only one small half bath tucked away in the corner.  Most of the buildings just have seating, an occasional bed and not much else.  

PRO: This lot would make a great wedding venue but you would have to add a bar, a dance floor, a buffet table and so forth. The pictures would be lovely!


CON: There are several places where it appears textures are missing, such as the yellow building in the first picture.  There are also missing cornice sections here and there.  I don't know if they were intending to make it look like it was "crumbling" or a worn facade...but it just looks unfinished.  If this was a deliberate design decision they should have made a cornice section that shows crumbling rather than just leaving out sections.

Overall, I found the venue to be lovely to look at, but needing some work from me before I was able to use it effectively.  The build buy items are a wonderful addition to any builder's tool set.  The potential for story telling and photography is huge....I cant wait to see an SF magazine shoot with this lot. ( hint hint)
It might not be love...but this set is a definite "like"!


  1. Thanks for the review. I got the set but haven't looked at it yet. I thought it would look amazing in Monte Vista.

  2. Love this review :D , Going to get my hands on this and go look at everything you pointed out :D

  3. thank you for the review :) i have stopped buying stuff a long time ago, from EA, but this is tempting as i do own Monte Vista and i think this buillding would be fab in it :)

    1. Yes...this lot is a natural for Monte Vista and there is actually a blank 64x64 in the town that is a good location for it. :)


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