Monday, January 30, 2017

Ravenscroft: a Gothic Vampire Lair

The newest Vampires stuff pack has definitely peaked my interest.  The cracks, holes and mold spots for the walls are really well done and offer a level of creativity that has been lacking in the build catalog.  There is more than just one or two new walls or floors and the objects all seem to be designed with a cohesive collection in mind.  Nice.  

So the first thing on my list is redoing a wedding venue called The Priory as a vampire lair.  My vampires definitely need to live in a crumbling old chapel with a graveyard and a crypt.

Get it here: 

Ravenscroft is not cheap ( $200K ) but your vampires deserve it.  3 bedrooms- 2 of which are coffin rooms with multiple coffins and a regular bedroom for any non vampire guests or room mates.  The chapel is the perfect music room or study, and there is a garden in the back with a large variety of plants ready for harvest.



  1. I love this house! :) Perfect for vampire ;)

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  3. Brava! This is a grand shift--more momentous than many. A similar, albiet smaller, shift occurred for me when I started teaching myself, instead of "I haven't had/got time for X to say, "I haven't carved out time for X."

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