Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Priory: a medieval chapel party venue

The reason I have never gotten past generation 5 with any legacy I start is that once I start playing, I find a reason to build something.  The cast off spare needs his own home as a consolation prize?  Check!  Off I am building.  My heir wants a career as a doctor at the hospital?  Ok...but that hospital could use a few tweaks here and there I am building.

So when my current heir decided to get married, I realized that the current wedding venue I had been using just wouldn't do.  I needed something for Windenburg...I build.

Introducing The Priory.  Its categorized as a museum but set up as a picturesque wedding venue.  There is a chapel for the ceremony, a catering kitchen, bathrooms, dance floor, and bar, as well as lovely landscaped grounds for photographing the happy couple.  Don't forget to check out the extensive garden on the other side of the cloisters...there is a huge variety of mature plants waiting to be sampled.

With a few changes, the Priory would make a fantastic spooky party spot for Halloween and if they ever give us vampires, I will definitely re-do this lot as a residence.

The Priory is a 30x40 lot, no CC, and classified as a museum.  Enjoy!


  1. Ruth, please include tray files to your lots, they are so beautiful but i don't work well with the gallery. :(

  2. Your party is just wonderful dear; even one can take inspiration from this party for a real life party as well. I am planning a party at Los Angeles event venues and I will definitely take ideas from your party for that.

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