Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Super Starter: 3br/2ba. for under $20k!

I love the challenge of starter houses.  How much can you fit in under $20k?  Can you make a house that is cheap and still cute? How many curse words will you say while you are trying to build said starter?  

The Super Starter is the largest furnished house I can come up with and still stay under that magical number of $20k.  And it comes with a big bonus!  The home is decorated with several works of art.  If your sim becomes strapped for cash, simply sell them back for an infusion of funds.  If your sims sells all of the art work in the house, they will earn an additional $70k.  Now that is what I call a great start.

The Super Starter is ideal for a new Sim family just starting out.  The stats:

3 spacious bedrooms (will sleep 6 sims)
2 bathrooms
under $20k
comes with $70 worth of art work

Fits on ANY lot size.( built on a 20x30 but fits completely on 20x15)

**PLEASE NOTE: to get the super cheap price of this home, you must place it on a lot where sims already live.  If you place it on an empty lot with no sims, the game charges you for the value of the art work.  So place your sims first...then place the house.  Viola! 


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