Monday, March 30, 2015

Aliens are Here!

The first expansion pack for The Sims 4, Get to Work, adds a community favorite right out of the gate: aliens!  I had a sneak preview of the game this weekend and I was thrilled to discover that it is so easy to add aliens to your game.

No more nights of watching the skies and using the telescope in vain!  Just hop right into Create-A-Sim and make your own alien life form. Once you are in CAS, click on the "Add an Alien" option.

Aliens have the same traits, voice, and walk options as other sims.  They dont, however, have access to all of the options in Create-A-Sim.  You will notice that most of the categories are grayed out and not available to aliens.  This includes hair and eyebrows too!

The only clothing available to an alien when they are not in disguise ( more on that later!) is a space suite.  There are two versions, both of which have lighted areas.  There are 4 color combos, but they are all variations of white, gray and black. Half- aliens have all options available to aliens and to sims.


What aliens DO have is their own set of unique skin and eye colors.  These colors are only available to aliens and half-aliens.

Their features can be pushed and pulled just like any other sim, so you have the option to make your alien as outlandish or as human like as you prefer.

One area where you can get creative is with the make-up.  Aliens have a huge variety of make up options in mostly bright primary colors.

( I love this shiny metallic effect of this lip option!)

These fun, funky make up options are also available to sims!

You can also use the "Play with Genetics" option to create a blended family.  It seems that, while not all offspring will be aliens ( seems to be about 50/50 on that) the alien skin tone is extremely dominant.  I hit random over 30 times and did not get a single child with a non alien skin.

You will know if the child is considered an alien by the hair and clothing options, although you might want to age up children to be sure. I noticed that a teen "alien" sim looked like part human ( with hair and clothing) as a child and vice versa.  Bottom line: what a child looks like is NOT an indication of whether or not they will be alien or human.  You cant tell in CAS unless you age them up to teen or older.

Aliens also come with a human "disguise" mode.  I wasnt able to change the disguise when making an alien initially in Create a Sim.  Once your alien is in the world, however, you will see the option to "Alter Disguise".  Choose this option and you are taken into CAS and are able to fully customize the "human" appearance of your alien.  And by fully, I mean you can even change the body shape and facial structure.  Any changes to the disguise do not affect the alien form in any way.

Juts select "Disguise Self" to switch over to the other appearance whenever you like!  All of your alien interactions are still available to you while you are incognito, too.

 I hope you enjoyed this short look at the CAS options for our newest supernatural sim......aliens!

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