Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Review:The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Build Mode stuff

Lots to see in the Build section of the catalog...some nicely detailed clutter items, plenty of chunky wood and plaid. There are a few missed opportunities...but overall, plenty for builders to work with.

Let's dive in and check it all out!

5 new terrain paints.  The grasses have a soft natural look that is not a solid, flat green.

A very nice selection of trees..I appreciate that there is a good variety.


Love these flowers but I was extremely disappointed to find there are no alternate color options for any of them.

A very chunky/rustic column that could also work well in Spanish/desert themed builds.

There are not many new walls or floors...the few there are have an all wood look.  I was hoping for some plaid wallpaper or a forest animal print for the kids rooms...something.

Huge mistake here.  The new stone foundation is absolutely lovely.  So why, then, is there not a matching wall texture?  It does not make sense to me.  There needs to be a matching wall.

A couple of examples of the "styled rooms"...including a very nice outdoor camping set up.

As you can see, there is plenty of new stuff that comes with Outdoor Retreat!

( side note: I adore the way new things in the build catalog are easily found and identified with the gold highlight.  I have wanted something like that for years...so handy! )

No new overhead lights, but some really charming floor and table lamps.

A variety of seating options including a rock and a stump. The folding chairs will work nicely pool-side.

The beds come with very limited color schemes, 4 different color choices each and the colors are limited to bright/primary shades.

More picnic tables than you will ever need!  The accent tables are interesting and the rock/stone slabs will lend themselves well to a funky modern design. There are no new kitchen counters or appliances.

The plumbing section contains 2 new sinks and showers.  No new toilets or tubs.

Clutter!!!  Love this so much...little details like this give a build personality.  

These are objects from skill building ( the guitar and game table) and then Decorative objects.  In this section we find another HUGE missed opportunity.  No new fireplace.  Really?!?  This pack is the perfect chance to do a rustic river rock fireplace..it would fit perfectly with the theme and yet...nothing.  Worse yet, all of the standard fireplace options will look pretty silly in a rustic cabin setting.  FAIL.

I was also disappointed there was not a plaid or large Native print rug.  Either one would have gone so beautifully with the theme.

Finally, there is a horseshoe pit, a couple of tents, some coolers, and two different fire pits.  Oh, and a nice chunky wood dresser to go with the chunky wooden beds.  No new book cases, because...Outdoors.  Stop reading and get outside already.

 While there are a ton of new objects, many of them are clearly geared to a certain look and do not lend themselves to multiple styles/usage.  Regardless, this seems like a lot of "stuff" for a stuff pack...er...Game Pack. Is it worth it?  That is going to be up to you and your interests. Between the new objects AND all of the new hair/clothing options AND the new location AND all of the new game play interactions, I would say yes.

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