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The Sims 4 Create-A-Sim Demo

Home from running a ton of errands, still have a list of things to do...and what do I see in my in box?  A code for the new Sims 4 CAS demo!  Score!!!I did get to play around with CAS last summer at the Gamescom event, but it was pretty limited. Just a few clothing and hair options. Some categories not available at all.  I have been very eager to see what has been added....and there is a lot.  

First things first: I LIKE how the Sims 4 sims look. Granted,  I don't specialize in sim making...I don't do amazing sim photo shoots like the talented folks at SF magazine...I don't collect CC anything. I like that the Sims 4 sims are not as pudding faced as the Sims 3 faces.  Yes, there is clearly a different aesthetic...a more drawn, cartoony look to them.  But just a few moments into the demo and I already feel like I can make a more attractive sim than I ever could in Sims 3.  Works for me.

Here are some quick bullet points of things that stand out to me:

*preset options are much more attractive with tons of variety 

 *the amount of customization is HUGE compared with previous game. You can change the thickness of the neck, the size of the iris, the width of the calves, the upper and lower arms, and so much more. 

* there is a close up mode to help with finer details. The "push and pull" mechanics seem to give more control in this mode

*You can decide where they carry the weight: hips and thighs but small upper body...yep.  Big beer belly but skinny legs? You can do that.

One thing I did notice is that there doesn't seem to be a way to add a double chin if you want your sim to carry weight in the face.  It may be that I just haven't figured it out yet.

*There is a wide variety of skin tones available for a base game...including a blue and green.

The skinny on hairstyles: 42 female styles and 22 male styles.  There are no long hair options for men at this time.  I hope to see that corrected.  I also want to see men given the option for the large afro style and cornrows.  There is no reason why those cant be unisex.

* Hats are now in clothing where they belong.  Any hat can be put on any hairstyle...and the hair doesn't change to a "default" style.  Not a ton of hat options at this time.

*This particular style of glasses is only available for the guys.  What?  Why?  Glasses should be unisex and available for everyone.

*Guys get 14 different facial hair choices.  Everything from full on man-beard to pencil thin gangster 'stache. 

And yes...you can choose a different color for the facial hair.  Blondes with red beards...yup.  Want to rock a blue mustache?  Go for it!

Plenty of clothing options for a base game but some interesting choices.  For instance, there are only 2 pairs of full length pants for the ladies.  But there are 8 different styles of shorts?

*There is no color wheel.  We have known it for months, so no surprise there.  Instead, you choose colors/textures from swatches such as those below:

I noticed some styles had TONS of options...both in colors and in patterns:

But other styles had just a few selections.  I would like to see that evened out a little.  

I would also like to see a little more accuracy with the swatches and the resulting colors. The dark green eyes don't look much different from the light green eyes at all....but the swatch is much darker

Here, there are 3 pretty much identical blue eye shadow swatches and 2 pink ones.  The three blues are all different on the sim and of the two pinks, one is pink and one is beige.

Boots are smarter.  The same pair of boots will either show as tucked in or as under the pant leg, depending on the style.  This should eliminate boots clipping through pants, which we have seen in the past!

Accessories can be layered together.  You can have leggings and pantyhose and socks all at the same time if that is what floats your boat.  You can have multiple bracelets...or do the Miss Piggy and have bracelets over your long opera gloves.

There is much, much more I could show you, but I think you have the idea....and I have a list of chores I totally blew off to play with this demo.

 Bottom line for me:  I found the new system to be fun to use and it made me feel more confident that I could make the kind of sim I want to make.  I felt like it was easier for me to make attractive, interesting looking sims.  Of course I would like to see more choices and options, but I am aware that this is a base game product.  Overall, I am looking forward to seeing more of what The Sims 4 has in store for us!


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  2. Sounds great but I ghink you should give your feedback to ea. Especially the problems you found and what you think was lacking so they could try and improve on it and make CAS even better

  3. Sounds great! Though the glasses only for men is disappointing, those look exactly like what I wear, but i'm a girl :(. Other than that minor detail love it all!

    1. There are glasses available for women in the sims 4! I think she meant that those particular pair of glasses were only available for men.

  4. Sounds like it will be something to spend time on but I really would like to see actual gameplay video before I decide to order Sims 4 because I reall love playing Sims 3.

  5. That afro is god awful. God. Awful.

  6. Thank you Ruthy :) Looks good to me.

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