Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Garden Cottage challenge

 Last night, I discovered this little challenge had been issued to several builders in the Sims community:

Pretty house...lovely gardens...great picture.  But can it be simified?  I took a close look at it and thought it might be possible to get something sort of similar, and I was sucked in.  All I meant to do was open up the Sims and poke around a little and see if it could be workable.  Within a couple of hours, I looked up and I realized I had made more of the lot than I intended!  That is what happens to me when I am building...I focus so intently on what I am doing that I lose all sense of time.

As always, reproducing something from real life is problematic as you have to work within the framework of what the game will and will not do....but all of that aside, I think this gives a clear feel of the original:

The Garden Cottage includes:

3 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
formal dining room
lush outdoor garden

30x30 lot size

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  1. Well done, beautiful house and well decorated.


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