Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Getting Into the Future

The Future is now...but how do you get there?  Here is your quick start guide for making that jump into the brave new world!

 When you load up the game, one of the first things you will notice is that there is not a new world in your menu. You might think " Huh?  Where is Oasis Landing?"  It is not a world like any other and getting there is a bit different as well.  Select any town in your menu or open any saved game.  

Within a few minutes of entering an active household, you will see a mysterious object appear on the lot:

Direct your sim to examine this oddity, and a bright light will appear as the contraption spits forth a unique visitor

If your sim is anything like mine, this will be the perfect opportunity to discuss whether or not Yetis exist.  Forget about the glowing machine and the blue haired man.  Chatting with the visitor will reveal an opportunity for your sim to collect power cells.  Don't ask why!  When someone in a blue glowing suit asks you to collect something, you do it.

The power cells look like small cylinders and you will find them all over your lot.  Click on them to collect them all.  Easy peasy.

Once you have all of them, return to your visitor and ask him to repair the time machine.  Whoops!  Its not a machine...its a portal.  Fancy.

He will happily comply, enabling you to click on the machine....er.....portal....and travel into the future.

Your sim must be a teen or older to do this, by the way.  You will have a load screen and then your sim will arrive in Oasis Landing.

What a beautiful world it is!  Gorgeous.  Apparently white is really BIG in the future.  The time portal is located in a visitor center which is effectively the future version of a "base camp".  Your sim has a place to eat, sleep, and hang out without having to immediately purchase real estate.  However, unlike a base camp or vacation world, there is no set time limit on your sim's stay.   So pull up a jet pack and start poking around!

One of the first notifications you will get is where your descendants live.  That's right: descendants.  This IS the future after all and apparently your sim has procreated at some point.  There will be a special map marker so you can go meet the family.  My sim's descendants happen to live in the "anti-tech" part of town for those who have rejected futuristic advances and choose to follow a more traditional life style.

If your simmy really likes Oasis Landing, you might just decide to buy property or build your own.  Here is the home I am currently working on for my sim:

I hope to have this lot completed when I get back from my vacation next week.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy your adventures in Oasis Landing.  I know I cannot wait to spend more time exploring and admiring this amazing new world. 


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